Roller & Blackout Blinds

Roller blinds are very versatile, and never seem to go out of fashion.

They seem to constantly reinvent themselves, and are available in hundreds of different fabrics and with many choices of finishes to the end of the blind, usually referred to as the "scallop".

At The Blind-Maker we have made to measure roller blinds and blackout blinds in every shape, size, and design that will complement any room in your home.

Visit our showroom in Cork to browse our collection for yourself, and remember - we will not be beaten on price and quality.

Roller Blind Scallops

The choices in scallops include "stiff scallops"; where two layers of the roller blind fabric are bonded together to create a starched / ironed effect. "Soft scallops"; made from a single layer of fabric and "turret shapes"; where a decorative wooden or metal pole is inserted at the very end of the shaped blind.

Scallop shaped and turret shaped roller blinds are often finished with a decorative braid to complement or to contrast with the colour of the fabric.

As an alternative, the end of a roller blind can be finished with a straight end instead of a scallop end.

Spring and Chain Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are usually fitted at the top of the window or to the window opening, and are operated by way of a spring or a chain mechanism.

Choosing between spring or chain roller blinds is largely a personal choice. One consideration with roller blinds is that young children have a tendency to play with and, depending on their level of mischief, break or damage the chains. More importantly, child safety is a huge factor in making your decision. It is essential that safety devices are specified when blinds with chains are fitted as children can get caught up in chains and cords, sometimes with tragic consequences. By using safety devices for chains and cleats for cords, you can help minimise the dangers to children. The Blind-Maker is very happy to supply and install safety devices and cleats, free of charge, when they are specified at the time of ordering.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout fabrics do exactly as the name suggests; they prevent light from passing through the fabric. Some blackout fabrics are manufactured by bonding a blackout coating on to a cotton or polyester fabric; others are made of blackout PVC fabric and are washable.

Blackout blinds are usually finished at the bottom with a straight end for practical reasons, especially when they are being used in commercial buildings.

As with other types of roller blinds, blackout roller blinds are usually top-fitted to the window and are available with either a spring or chain operation.

As the fabric in a standard roller blind is always narrower than the headrail mechanism, a blackout roller blind will seldom provide total blackout in a room, unless the much more expensive cassetted option is specified.

Because they eliminate shadows, blackout fabrics are often specified in bedrooms and bathrooms for privacy, and because they block light, blackout fabrics are often specified in children’s bedrooms.